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Spiritual Healer

Holistic Spiritual Healing

Holistic healing regards the human being as a being of body, soul and spirit that can be seen in its entirety. The spirit is the triggering spark of life that once made your heart beat. That is an inimitable miracle in itself! Spiritual healer worldwide Distant healing

What is Holistic Healing?

A healer, be he a shaman, natural healer or spiritual healer, always sees the soul (i.e. the subtle part of our being) and the body as a unit. Healing uses include intense observation, listening, extensive counseling, and understanding. Furthermore, information on any necessary detoxification of the body from all harmful substances as well as rituals of all kinds. The healer puts the person seeking help into a deanimated state and thus gains access to their subtle nature. Now the healer carries out a balancing of the energies in this area. It releases blockages so that energies can flow freely again. The energetic body arranges itself again by itself in a primordial state. Because notice: our body, whether subtle or gross, is the greatest and most successful healer of all. Your body can do things that science cannot explain. Spiritual healer Distance healing

In this way, the person seeking advice moves from a state of illness (imbalance) to a state of original balance. Thus to recovery and ultimately, ideally, to healing. Every change, improvement or balancing (healing) in the subtle body through the activity of the healer leads to these changes also occurring in our material body.

They manifest themselves, so to speak.

Transformation takes place from top to bottom and never the other way around! Awareness worldwide spiritual healer and shaman based in Germany

In any case, spiritual, i.e. holistic healing also includes the willingness and awareness of those seeking help to change their attitude towards their life. But everyday life itself and its values ​​should also be fundamentally rethought. Of course, the person seeking advice must always clearly express the consent of the healer to healing work in advance. This is how healing happens holistically. Alternative healing of cancer through shamanic healing and spiritual healing.

Spiritueller Heiler und Schamane Reijk Nilson

It is good to go all the way, sometimes a long way, of learning and self-knowledge (healing). What came slowly (e.g. chronic clinical pictures) can only go slowly again. It takes a lot of patience, trust and time, mainly for yourself. As a spiritual healer for worldwide distant healing, I work for everyone who feels called to me.

I am happy to be there for you!

WWhat are you waiting for? Start changing your life today.

You are the creator of your reality!

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