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Every healing is first of spiritual nature...

Reijk Nilson - Universal Healer, Coach and Shaman

Welcome on my page! spiritual healer and Shaman, mental healing distance healing

As a spiritual universal healer and shaman I use the power of the north and the conscious irrepressible spirit that flows through everything. With my hands, with my voice or through a ritual, I let this universal energy flow to you. I want to help through healing and teaching. It is important to me to bring the old, lost knowledge of our ancestors back into our awareness. I am particularly connected to the sacred knowledge of creation and life, which in ancient times was mostly held by wise women. I would like to give this knowledge space and protection. This is my way and my mission. A spiritual healer and Shaman heals holistically.

Your way to Awarness and Awakening Shaman mental healer

You have already set out and are looking for advice, help or simply someone who listens knowingly. Setting out to take responsibility for your life is an important step. It is the first of many steps that are necessary. The goal is to find yourself and to be healed again. To become healed and a whole again means to reconnect your body with your spiritual essence. You integrate the aspects of your being back into your life and bring yourself back into balance. For this it is important to become aware of yourself again. Then you perceive the environment openly again and awaken again. The veil of the illusion of separation falls. Healing and curing burn out and Depression by means of deceleration.

If your being is in wholeness and balance you are open to the flow that is called life. You don’t hold onto anything, you include and embrace everything in and gratefully accept. When everything flows and is in balance, disease in any form cannot occur. You are in your UR state, your blueprint from the beginning of creation. This is an ideal state of being, healthy and shining, full of love and empathy for everything that is. That is the goal. The path of remembering and experiencing who you really are leads back there. I am happy to accompany you on this, on your own unique way. Be deceleration

I am a spiritual healer, rune shaman, medium, seer and coach. My healing work can best be described as universal. It is a return to ancient traditions of bygone times. It was given to me to bring it back into our world. The understanding and awareness of this knowledge extends beyond the boundaries of what seems to be familiar to us in our everyday life. Mine, our roots are in the north, in a time before ours, preserved by beings who were very wise and seeing. I heal and teach in your spirit. Holistic healing, Christ conciousness

The principle of truth.

Nordische Kiefer In Norwegen

Energetic Healing

I let healing energy flow through the power of my hands. With the sound of my voice I balance the energies of the body.



Der Sanfte Heiler Unter Den Totems Des Nordens Ist Der Hirsch

Paleo Shamanism

A shaman establishes the connection to the spiritual level of your self and heals with the power of animals, stones and plant beings.


Shaman Healing

Livecoaching & Vison Search

I offer you assistance in seeing things clearly and naming them. I will help you to find your true purpose and to awaken.


Be aware that you yourself are your greatest healer. I will help you on the way to your own strength. Every day you can start to change your life and that day can be today.

It is time to remeber who you realy are…

Kennenlernen & Anamnese

This is the most important step, the decision to change! We get to know each other and together we contemplate and consider your situation.


Your higher self determines the appropriate application for your situation. You experience harmonization and balance, the basis for self-healing.

Coaching & Vision

The experience of healing is discussed, suggestions for an improved lifestyle are discussed and solutions are shown.

Realisierung & Nachsorge

Now you go your new way. I will help you to realize your experience and to integrate it into your life. Possible follow-up appointments optionally if required.

Examples of alternative treatments


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