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Life Coaching

At the beginning we are altogether – complete

When we enter this world we are the blueprint of our existence. We are as creation intended and intended us to be. We look at this beautiful world with amazed and shining eyes. We meet everything and everyone expectantly, openly, lovingly and with basic trust. If our parents were able to give us through a conscious life in awareness and connection to everything, we are a perfect being at the moment of birth. You still have no intellect and no ego! So we live in the now with a wide open perception.

Then we are made fit – functioning

Then, as a rule, from the age of 3-4 years, our conditioning begins through our parents’ home, the kindergarten, in short, through the society in which we live. They begin to adapt, to impose restrictions on us. We experience the first lies and injustices and deal with one another that is not always truthful and loving. Traumas are experienced and we sometimes lose our basic trust. So we begin to deny ourselves for the sake of survival. We lose ourselves and become separated from all that is.

We are taken out then of our center

All kinds of diversions flood us. Compulsive consumption and intoxication overwhelmed us. Illnesses appear and weaken us. Last but not least, there are the media, which almost completely shield us, manipulate us and steal our time in this life cycle. Our soul, the subtle part of ourselves, one can also say our energy body, remains connected to its source and everything that is.

The soul begins to suffer from the living conditions of its incarnated body. We feel increasingly burned out, depressed or overwhelmed. We are empty and begin to search for a meaning in our being without usually being able to formulate it. When you are at this point you know that you cannot and do not want to go on living as before. The time has now come to seek help and healing advice.

You will learn to see and remember who you really are again

In my fifty years of life I have performed a wide variety of activities and tasks. Experienced different cultures in 39 countries visited, got to know a lot of people and their stories. But I never made it to a home. Until one day I found out that Mother Earth is my home and that I already have everything inside of me. Yes, that I am a part of God and this wonderful world, just like you. At this point in my life, I met and was taught by my spiritual teachers. They showed me how this world is really composed in its foundations, what is existentially important and what is not. I learned what I can and may do for myself and you in order to arrive at myself. After that we know what everyone can do for this world and the children of this earth.

I am happy to offer you my help and advice, listen to you patiently, open your eyes. I would be happy to accompany you on your way until you begin to see and fly again.

If these words touch your inner core then I am glad to hear from you soon.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We are all connected!

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