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Shaman of the Ancient North

What is a Shaman?holistic healer and spiritual teacher 

The term comes from the Siberian region and means “someone who is moved and uplifted”. In this respect, the shaman is a spiritual mediator between the worlds, the spiritual and the material one. The latter is the world of our physicality. The shaman can move out of his center and leave the local world with his subtle bodies. In this way the shaman gets contact with everything that exists apart from the three-dimensional world. This outer subtle world is much more than we dare to dream. I am a shaman and healer of the new world and born in this life to guide the called Ones who reach out for me.

Basically, our world is a small part of the big, infinite whole. There, in finite and infinite realities, the shaman moves his spiritual body and communicates on this level with the soul body of his clients. But also with all beings who are lovingly ready to bring their help and healing power for the well-being of the person seeking help.

The shaman and spiritual healer is a leader and guide who holds the knowledge of the rainbow bridge which is the crossing between Mid-Gard (middle earth), the world of humans, and AsGard, the world of spiritual and divine beings. He is a dancer between this realms worlds. The shaman tries to rebalance the subtle body of the person seeking advice in order to release blockages of an energetic nature. This brings the body back into the flow of being called the infinite and unbending wind of the spirit. This is how healing happens on a spiritual as well as a physical level.

What means or is Shamanism? Distant remote healing online

Shamanism is a school of perception and heightened awareness. Based on the law and the fact that all existence consists of energy, everything is connected with everything. Because that is so, Spirit speaks to us through all that is at all the times – everlasting. Also through things that are overlooked by us in everyday life. The shaman sees these signs (omens) and transmits the resulting knowledge to his student or client. This is also possible through remote or lets say distant healing and online counseling because time and space it is just a construct made for us by spirit to orientate us and become able to experience the world in 3D in between the polarities.

I am an educated and trained shaman and spiritual healer of the ancient northern tradition of hunters as well as of the times beyond the age of ice. My teacher as a shaman is Chief Dancing Thunder. In his sense I heal for the good of all that is, full of light, compassionate and in infinite love and accordingly to the 5 laws of existence. Aho.

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