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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Every healing is spiritual... We are all beeings of unending light!

Reijk Nilson – Holistic Healer, Nordic Shaman, Medium and Coach.

I was born and raised in Germany and have German and Swedish roots. I found out early in my childhood that I was at home between worlds. I belong neither in one nor in the other world of my ancestors, but represent both. yearning to the unknown , restlessness, insatiable thirst for knowledge and closeness to nature have shaped me. I have always wanted to overcome and break out boundaries deep in my heart in order to be able to experience life as such more deeply.

So have visited 39 countries in this world over the years, got to know many different nations and traditions and never got home. Until the day I realized – Mother Earth is my home and I was born into this world for you. I have been asked to heal, teach, and answer the healer’s call wherever I am called. My heart is my guide.

On the healers path

I entered the path of the healer quite late. In 2014, in Sedona, California, I had a haunting and very clear meaning. “You are a healer!” Was the statement. “It is insistently written in your aura and your hands. It is high time to answer this call for it is your destiny.

So I set out on the path of never-ending learning, entered the path of the shaman and found my teachers. In 2017, I went to Norway. Here I became a medium and recieved access to the ancient traditions of our ancestors as well as to the star nations. I have become a rune scholar, crystal bearer, and spiritual healer. My tradition to which I was called comes from the northern world and is the root of our knowledge. This tradition comes from a time when the axis of the earth was still upright. The north was not just ice and snow, but eternal sun and mild summer. I am a healer in the AS tradition.

How do I work?

I awaken self-healing powers in people with the energy of my hands, the sound of the bowls and my voice. I use the power of the runes and totems of the northern world. I am neither one nor the other, but universal in my spiritual tradition. I serve everything that is in the name of light, the rainbow and the love that permeates everything.


My way as a healer and shaman:

2014  Call to step on the healers path as shaman and hands on healer

2015  Reiki I and II degree

Inauguration as eagle healer / Dancing Thunder, USA

2016  Start 3 year education as paleo shaman, tradition of the hunter / Dancing Thunder

Inauguration as bear healer / Dancing Thunder

Education in kinesiological muscle balance  „Touch for Health“ / Mandiro, Germany

Inhauguration as deer healer / Dancing Thunder

Class sibirian shamanism of the Altai / Ahamkara, Russia

Inauguration as healer in  the aztec Tetzcatlipoca tradition / Tzen, Mexico

Education in singing bowl massage / Adalgis Wulf, Germany

2017  Initiation as medium and seer / Norway

Inauguration as wolf healer / Dancing Thunder, Annette Sindele

2018  Study northern mythology and call as runic wisdom keeper

2019  Return Middleeurope, Switzerland

Teachings in Dzogchen tradition, tibetian Buddhism, His Eminenz Dzogzchen Rinpoche the 7th

Inauguration as trauma healer / Chief Dancing Thunder

Wichtig zu wissen:

My work serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. If you suffer from acute health or mental illnesses, I recommend that you consult a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist of your choice. You alone bear full responsibility for your physical and psychological well-being while participating in a spiritual healing application through me. Furthermore, I expressly emphasize not to make any healing promises. All I am saying is that my work has a supportive effect on awakening the self-healing powers in people and thus helps to restore mental and physical balance. Basically, people always heal themselves. I help to walk this path.

My Teachers

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